Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wisconsin State Championships

The Wisconsin Cyclocross Series ended this past weekend with the State Championship race in Hales Corners. A cool, windy, overcast day with temps in the low 40s. Team Planet Bike out in full force with racers in several categories. Congrats to all riders on some fantastic finishes and a great season of Wisconsin racing!

picture by peloton pix
Ian Haupt - Silver Medalist - Junior 14 Boys

picture by peloton pix
Dave Simmermon - Silver Medalist - Cat 4 Men 50+

photo by djonnymac
Diane Ostenso - Gold Medalist - Cat 3 Women

picture by peloton pix
Kristin Wentworth crashing in the Mens 3 race - 14th place

picture by peloton pix
Bob Downs - Gold Medalist - Mens 40+

picture by peloton pix
Greg Pautsch - Silver Medalist - Mens 50+

photo by djonnymac
Gordy Paulson - Bronze Medalist - Mens 50+

picture by peloton pix
Kristin Wentworth - Gold Medalist - Womens 1/2

photo by djonnymac
Anna Young - Silver Medalist - Womens 1/2

photo by djonnymac
Patti Kauffman - Gold Medalist - Women 1/2 35+

photo by mountaingoat
Mark Lalonde - Gold Medalist - Mens 1/2

photo by djonnymac
Mark had such a big lead he had time to grab a handup

Full results here
Next up Jingle Cross in Iowa!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Superprestige #4

Jonathan raced in the snow this past weekend at the Superprestige #4 in Belgium. Conditions looked harsh as the snow come down fast and furious. Jonathan was able to finish a strong 12th place. Here is a picture of him on the icy stair run up.

Cyclocross magazine has a video here of the race.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

USGP New Jersey Weekend

Planet Bike riders Anna, Kristin, and Mark made the trip out to Princeton, New Jersey for the second weekend of USGP racing. Both races classified UCI C1 which meant field sizes were huge and talented - 80 starters for the men, 50 for the women. Rain in the days leading up to the races created muddy conditions on the 3K course. Many sections of the thick mud were unrideable and racers were forced to dismount and run. Bike changes were critical and mechanic for the weekend, Chris Kreidl, did a great job in the pits and taking care of the bikes pre and post race.

Pictures from the trip and preride of the course

Pictures from Saturday's races - muddy, 68 degrees, windy
We decided to lower our tent after seeing Colavita's get trashed in the wind

Mark and Driscoll over the flyover
Mark gets a clean bike from Chris

Womens race - Anna was involved in a crash on the first lap and tweaked her knee. She was forced to abandon the race. After getting caught behind riders dismounting for an early mud section Kristin worked her way up to finish 14th. While enjoying the conditions she was not a fan of all the running.

Mens race - Mark rode a strong race start to finish. At one point in 7th place for nearly a lap he fell back slightly to settle into 9th place just behind Jamie Driscoll. An excellent finish amongst fierce competition Mark held onto a 9th place finish.

Post race bike cleanup

Sunday's races - similar conditions, thicker mud, 47 degrees, windy. Riders bruised and battered from Saturday's conditions.

Wells, Powers, Wells ride the mud
another group runs the mud

Womens race - Following a bad start Kristin moved her way up and was dangling off the back of the group racing for 10th place. Unable to stick with that group she fell back to 15th by the final lap and finished in that place. Anna had a strong race and was able to rebound from her crash the previous day. She finished 19th.

Mens race - After just over a lap and riding near the top 10 Mark suffered a flat tire and was forced to run even more of the course. After a quick bike change from Chris Mark worked his way back up to the top 15 and was able to finish a solid 14th place.

Page at Superprestige #3

Jonathan raced in Belgium at the Superprestige #3 this past weekend. Unable to shake his string of bad luck JP was riding well until a flat tire and then a broken rear derailleur set him back. Jonathan still managed to finish a strong 16th place. Check out his blog for a recap.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Wisconsin racing - Whitewater

photo by Renee Callaway

Tristan Schouten made a brief return to racing after having surgery on his collarbone in August. The lack of training hasn't set him back that far and he came away with the win in the Mens 1/2 race.

Full results can be found here
photo by djonnymac
photo by djonnymac
photo by djonnymac

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kristin and Anna at Toronto UCI races

Photo: Peter Kraiker, © studiofstop.com
Anna Young and Kristin Wentworth traveled to Toronto for two UCI C1 events. Conditions were Belgium like - cool, windy, and muddy with occasional rain. Saturday's race saw riders navigate a wet, muddy course with several short steep greasy hills. Despite a spectacular crash in a muddy ditch Kristin finished third and Anna a strong sixth.
Photo: Peter Kraiker, © studiofstop.com
Photo: Jon Safka
Photo: Jon Safka
Sunday's course was completely different and traversed a ski hill with several switchback climbs and descents. Less wet but still muddy the course proved challenging to all riders. Kristin was able to improve from Saturday's race to finish second with Anna riding well and keeping her sixth place.
Photo: Peter Kraiker, © studiofstop.com
Photo: Jon Safka
Photo: Jon Safka
Photo: Jon Safka
There was an overall competition for the weekend's races as well and Kristin took second there with Anna in seventh. It was a great weekend for Planet Bike's Elite Womens team!

Thanks to Peter Kraiker and Jon Safka for photos!

Vlaamse Houtlandcross Eernegem and World Cup #3

Jonathan raced a double header this weekend in Belgium. Saturday's race saw Page in the lead group for the majority of the race and finishing a very strong 5th place. Cyclingnews pic1, pic2

Sunday was the World Cup #3 event and Page rode several laps at the front of the race until an unfortunate flat tire forced him to lose time and positions and finish 29th.

Check out Jonathan's blog for the first person race report!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Wisconsin racing - Estabrook Park

Bob - 5th - Men 1/2

All below photos thanks to djonnymac Kristin - 13th - Men 3 Kristin - 1st - Women 1/2

Patty - Women 1/2
Diane - Women 3
Gordy - 3rd - Mens 50+