Monday, November 30, 2009

Planet Bike Podiums at Jingle Cross

Team Planet Bike was out in force for the three day Jingle Cross UCI events in Iowa. Nearly 15 riders participated in the various races with podium finishes for many.

Races were held Friday night under the lights and the record rainfall for the month of November created a sloppy, muddy course. Mixed with sections of pea gravel the conditions caused broken derailleurs for many riders. Bike changes were crucial and luckily the Elites all were able to do this thanks to all the great support in the pit. Besides the mud, riders also had to battle up and down Mt. Krumpet each lap with a steep leg busting run up and off camber switchbacks on the descent.

In the womens race after leading the first lap Kaitlin hung on for second behind a strong Meredith Miller. Kristin rounded out the podium for 3rd with Linda not far behind in 4th.

In the mens race Mark finished just off the podium for 4th with the win going to Todd Wells.

Other top results included 14 year old Jordan Cullen finishing 3rd in the Mens 2/3 race.

Friday night - report , full results
photo: jared roy

Saturday brought unusually mild temperatures and lots of sun. The mud was still present but got tackier as the day wore on. A different route up and down Mt. Krumpet today with riders ascending an incredibly steep and muddy run up.

In the womens race Meredith Miller once again proved unstoppable with Linda riding strong to finish 2nd. Kristin was 4th, Kaitie 6th, and Patti 15th.
photo: jared roy

In the mens race Todd Wells rode to a second win with a group of 4 including Planet Bike riders Tristan and Mark. Tristan rode to an impressive 2nd place finish with Mark in 4th after a crash late in the race forced him to chase. James had a strong race and was 11th.

Saturday - report

Sunday was another dry day but this time the temps dropped and the wind picked up. The mud was thick and tacky and not as much of an issue as the previous two days. Yet another trip up and down the feared Mt. Krumpet with some steep switchbacks down that caused some spectacular crashes throughout the day. Iowa felt a bit like Portland in the morning when a group of bikini clad single speeders took the course.
In the womens race Kristin led out the first half a lap before being passed by Meredith. A crash on the descent allowed Kaitie to catch and pass Kristin and the two finished on the podium in 2nd and 3rd, respectively. A hard charging Linda finished in 4th and Patti was 14th.

photo: nikkicyp

In the mens race Marko and Tristan again both rode strong races and finished 3rd and 4th, respectively. James was 16th.

photo: nikkicyp
Sunday - report

Velonews weekend report

There were plenty of mentions of Planet Bike riders throughout the weekend. Other riders participating included:

Jordan - winner of the both Saturday and Sunday's Mens 15-17 races.
Sarah - winner of the Womens Junior 15-17 race both days.




Thanks to all of the Planet Bike family for making the trip down to Iowa. Everyone had a great time at the races. Here is part of the crew at a team dinner on Saturday night.
Huge thanks to the entire support crew for the weekend - with extra thanks to Chris, Jim, Dave G., Daniel, and Dave S.!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Wentworth wins in North Carolina

Planet Bike riders James, Kaitie, Kristin, and Linda made the drive down to beautiful North Carolina for a weekend of UCI racing in Hendersonville, NC. The course was well laid out and included some sections in the woods, a few off cambers, and a short steep grassy "wall" before the finish. Saturday brought sunny skies and 60 degree temps.

In the womens race Kristin attacked on the first lap and was soon joined by Dede Winfield. The two rode together the remainder of the race with Kristin attacking her on the last lap before the "wall" to take the win. Her first UCI win, Kristin was joined on the podium by Linda who finished a strong 3rd with Kaitie just behind for 4th. Great racing by the Planet Bike women!

Cyclingnews report
photo thanks to Shane Orr

photo thanks to Shane Orr

photo thanks to Shane Orr

In the mens race James battled through stomach issues to take 12th place.

Mens report

photo thanks to Shane Orr

Sunday the conditions drastically changed with steady rain and temps in the low 40s. The course was slick and sloppy and the cold rain picked up as the Elite races drew near. The mud was thin enough that bike changes were not necessary. In the womens race Linda attacked on the first lap and had nearly a 10 second gap before a crash and dropped chain lost her nearly a minute. Winfield took advantage and held off Kaitie who finished 2nd with Kristin rounding out the podium in 3rd. Linda battled back from last place following her mechanical to finish a strong 4th.

Cyclingnews report
photo thanks to Shane Orr

photo thanks to Shane Orr
photo thanks to Jeff Zimmerman

photo thanks to Peter Hymas

In the men's race James had a better day and rode well in the mud to take a solid 6th place finish and get some coveted UCI points.

photo thanks to Shane Orr

Huge thanks go out to Daniel and Dave for all of their help this weekend with getting bikes ready and working the pits. It's always great to have some support out at the races! Also thank you to Kat for hosting us throughout the weekend. It was so much fun to stay at the house in the mountains and we all appreciated her hospitality! North Carolina is absolutely beautiful and they have a fun cyclocross scene. We were really glad to be able to make it down for the races!

Thanks to all of our great sponsors - Planet Bike, Edge, Ridley, Lazer, and TRP!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Compton wins Superprestige, Page 21st


Compton resumed her winning ways on Sunday in Beligium for the Superprestive in Gavere. Muddy conditions greeted the riders and Compton gapped her competition on the second lap and rode solo the remainder of the race. Vos finished nearly a minute behind, with Van den Brand in third. Congrats to Katie on another impressive ride!

Velonews report, Cyclocross Magazine, Cyclingnews


Jonathan Page was also racing at the event and after suffering a crash was forced to chase back and finished 21st.

photo: Dan Seaton

Reports: Cyclingnews, Cyclocross Magazine

Monday, November 16, 2009

New Jersey USGP

Four Planet Bike riders headed to New Jersey for the third weekend of USGP racing. Plenty of rain on Friday created wet ground that was soon churned into grass filled peanut butter like mud. This caused a few sections of the course to be unrideable. Bike changes were key as the drivetrain and tires were quickly bogged down with the grassy mud.

Elite Women - full results
Linda - 12th
Kaitie - 14th
Kristin - 19th

Elite Men - full results
Mark - 19th

Day 1 reports - Podium in Sight, CX Magazine Men/Women, Cyclingnews Men/Women

Day 2 brought sunny skies and warmer temperatures and thick, soft, tacky mud. Solid finishes again by all the Planet Bike riders with Kaitie racing especially well and grabbing the final UCI point in a talented field of riders.

Elite Women - full results
Kaitie - 10th
Linda - 13th
Kristin - 14th

Elite Men - full results
Mark - 23rd

Day 2 reports - Podium in Sight, CX Magazine, Cyclingnews Men/Women

Thanks to Lyne Lamoureux for photos!

Wisconsin Weekend

Elite riders Tristan and James raced back to back days in Wisconsin this past weekend. Tristan took two wins with James in 2nd both days. The WI superfans were in full effect on the run up at Kletsch Park and gave James some especially spirited heckling.

Some other Planet Bike riders in action.

Full results - Saturday, Sunday

All photos thanks to djonnymac

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Compton wins World Cup in Nommay

Continuing her winning streak and undefeated season Katie Compton won the World Cup race in Nommay, France by nearly 40 seconds over second placed rider Marianne Vos. Congratulations to Katie on an impressive race!
Cyclocross Magazine report, Cyclingnews report, Velonews report,
Cyclingnews article, Daily Peloton interview

photos by Bart Hazen

Planet Bike MidWest Nov 7/8 Recap

Team Planet Bike riders were competing across the world this weekend. In addition to Katie's historic win at the World Cup in France (Jonathan was also racing in Nommay but is fighting an illness - hope you feel better soon JP!) a large group of riders were racing locally in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Mark LaLonde won the Midwest Regional Singlespeed CX Championship in MN on Saturday
photo thanks to Frye

Tristan represented at the Iceman Mountain Bike Race in Traverse City, MI and finished an impressive 6th place amongst fierce competition
photo thanks to Dave Smith

James won the Wisconsin race at Estabrook on Sunday
photo thanks to Renee

Kristin won both Saturday and Sunday Wisconsin womens events and raced with the 30+ men on Sunday too
photo thanks to Renee

Kaitie was 2nd and 3rd in the Wisconsin womens races
photo thanks to djonnymac

Linda won the womens race in Minnesota on Sunday and finished 6th racing with the Cat3 men on Saturday (a belated congrats on her win in that race last weekend!)
photo thanks to Steve Kotvis

Junior phenom Jordan Cullen won the Cat 3 Mens events in MN both days
photo thanks to Steve Kotvis

Other top performances by Masters and Juniors riders included

Sarah winning the Junior girls 15/16 race both days in Wisconsin

photo thanks to djonnymac

Emma Swartz winning the Junior girls 10-14 both days in Wisconsin

Bob Downs winning the 40+ race on Sunday in WI
photo thanks to djonnymac

Diane Ostenso winning the Womens 3 race on Sunday in WI
photo thanks to Renee

Congrats to all Planet Bike racers!