Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Triple Win for Compton in Ohio, Lalonde on Podium

Several Planet Bike riders headed to the Cincinnati area this past weekend for a rare opportunity to race three consecutive days of UCI events. Nearly 48 hours of rain leading up to the races caused the course for Friday to be slick and muddy. Staying upright through the numerous off camber sections proved difficult. Katie Compton was conservative on the first lap but put the jets on the remainder of the race and easily took the win.

Linda Sone took advantage of her strong technical skills and was in the hunt for third. Unable to outsprint Winfield, Linda took an impressive 4th place.

Kaitie Antonneau was riding in a solid 6th place before a snapped derailleur hanger forced her to abandon the race.
Kristin struggled in the sloppy mud but finished 11th.

Mark Lalonde rode a very strong race and finished in 4th.

Day 1 Reports - Cyclocross Magazine, Podium In Sight

Day 2
Elite Women
1st - Katie Compton

6th - Kaitie Antonneau

7th - Linda Sone

8th - Kristin Wentworth

Elite Men

3rd - Mark Lalonde

Day 2 Reports - Cyclocross Magazine, Podium in Sight

Day 3
Elite Women
1st - Katie Compton

6th - Kristin Wentworth

7th - Katie Antonneau

8th - Linda Sone

Elite men

Mark Lalonde - 7th

Day 3 Reports - Cyclocross Magazine, Podium in Sight

All the photos here are thanks to the wonderfully talented Lyne Lamoureux. Her photography and race reports are some of the best out there. Check out her website Podium in Sight. Huge thanks to her for being out there!

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