Sunday, November 8, 2009

Planet Bike MidWest Nov 7/8 Recap

Team Planet Bike riders were competing across the world this weekend. In addition to Katie's historic win at the World Cup in France (Jonathan was also racing in Nommay but is fighting an illness - hope you feel better soon JP!) a large group of riders were racing locally in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Michigan.

Mark LaLonde won the Midwest Regional Singlespeed CX Championship in MN on Saturday
photo thanks to Frye

Tristan represented at the Iceman Mountain Bike Race in Traverse City, MI and finished an impressive 6th place amongst fierce competition
photo thanks to Dave Smith

James won the Wisconsin race at Estabrook on Sunday
photo thanks to Renee

Kristin won both Saturday and Sunday Wisconsin womens events and raced with the 30+ men on Sunday too
photo thanks to Renee

Kaitie was 2nd and 3rd in the Wisconsin womens races
photo thanks to djonnymac

Linda won the womens race in Minnesota on Sunday and finished 6th racing with the Cat3 men on Saturday (a belated congrats on her win in that race last weekend!)
photo thanks to Steve Kotvis

Junior phenom Jordan Cullen won the Cat 3 Mens events in MN both days
photo thanks to Steve Kotvis

Other top performances by Masters and Juniors riders included

Sarah winning the Junior girls 15/16 race both days in Wisconsin

photo thanks to djonnymac

Emma Swartz winning the Junior girls 10-14 both days in Wisconsin

Bob Downs winning the 40+ race on Sunday in WI
photo thanks to djonnymac

Diane Ostenso winning the Womens 3 race on Sunday in WI
photo thanks to Renee

Congrats to all Planet Bike racers!

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