Monday, December 1, 2008

Jingle Cross Day 1

A big contingent of Planet Bike racers descended on Iowa City for Jingle Cross 2008 - a weekend of races including UCI events for the Elites. Overcast skies with temperatures in the low 40s provided considerably mild conditions for the racers. The course brought a bit of everything with a short muddy rideable but slippery hill, off camber sections, a long greasy hill run up (aka Mt. Krumpet), a fun whirly spiraling loop, a sand pit through the barn, a series of 180 turns in a different barn, and a few logs.
Thanks to Jim Cullen and Julie Foertsch for pictures!

mechanic David Kohli setting up shop
Bob warming up at Planet Bike central (check out the red leg warmers and shoes!) Jordan Cullen - 1st place in the juniors race

No pictures of Gordy, Diane and Patti but great finishes by all
Gordy Paulson - 1st place Mens 55+
Diane Ostenso - 2nd place Womens 35+ and 3rd place Womens 2/3
Patti Kaufmann - 3rd place Womens 35+

Anna Young finished 8th in the Womens Elite race
Kristin Wentworth finished 4th in the Womens Elite race

Bob finished 26th in the Mens Elite race

Mark finished 4th in the Mens Elite race
post race bike cleanup
Team dinner at the famous local pizza joint

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