Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jingle Cross Day 2

Overnight snow completely changed the course conditions and it was a wet, cold, snowy, muddy day. Reverse direction meant a slippery and fast descent down Mt. Krumpit. A pretty frustrating day for most of the riders but still lots of fun in the tough conditions. We've had some pretty mild weather in Wisconsin most of the season so we were good and due for some snow and mud. With Nationals in Kansas City only two weeks away we might as well get some practice! There are some great pictures and video floating around on the web of the racing action. Thanks to Amy D for taking all of these great shots and letting us post them here! Always a fun race weekend and an excellent venue - thanks to all of the promoters, sponsors, officials, racers, and crazy superfans. The fans lining the hill were awesome. Thanks also to Planet Bike, Ridley, Lazer, and Edge for all of the support!

what we woke up to
the view from inside the warm van
Anna warming up
Anna and Kristin on the line
Kristin running down Mt. Krumpit after crashing at the top
Anna also running down
Kristin finally riding the hill
Anna also riding down
Kristin post race - muddy and cold
Marko trying to stay warm on the line
Mark at the start
Mark riding the hill in the snow
running the barriers with Tilford
another time down Mt. Krumpit

Mark Lalonde - UCI Elite Men - 5th place
Kristin Wentworth - UCI Elite Women - 11th place
Anna Young - UCI Elite Women - 14th place
Jordan Cullen - Junior Men - 4th place
Ian Haupt - Junior Men - 5th place
Gordy Paulson - Mens 55+ - 3rd place
Patti Kaufmann - Women 2/3 - 5th place
Diane Ostenso - Women 35+ - 4th place

Check out some videos of the ridiculous muddy hill

Diane making her way down Mt. Krumpit

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